Sant Vani

Sant Vani, literally translated as the sayings of the Saints, uses rhyming couplets to put together poems of spiritual teachings. While some forms are known like doha, shabad etc, there are still others yet to be known and appreciated. The section complies some of the most elegant poems that will definitely prove to be food for your soul.



Doha is a genre of Hindi poetry which is now become a prominent and popular genre of Urdu poetry as well. Dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries, Dohra and Do Pad are its other names.

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Pad is a kind of couplet in blank verse, free of rhyme and refrain rules that bounds other forms. In Hindi lietrature, Pads begin with Dayapati in the Bhakti Movement and streches till Mahadevi Verma in the Chhayavad Movement.

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Gorak Nath's 'Sabadi' is what poets after him made 'Shabad'. Infused with folk ragas and melodies, 'Shabad' evoke mystical experiences of these poets.

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The poetic genre from Awadh and Braj which is a form of Doha, but wih a 'Siikh' or lesson of faith enclosed.

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Baul Gaan

Sufinama's remarkable collection of Baul Gaan.

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