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Sufi Qawwali

Qawwali is a genre of music, where a 'Qaul' or utterance is repeatedly chanted. Qawwali has a historic significance given its association with the Chishtiya order of Sufis, when the tradition of singing a Ghazal in tune began and sent audiences in a state of rapture. It was Amir Khusrau whose talents helped Qawwali attain uncommon fame. Ancient Qawwalis are mostly found in Persian and Urdu, but nowadays there are present in Punjabi, Seraiki, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi and other languages.

Persian Kalam

Read best and large collection of Persian Kalam by famous Sufi Poets. Persian Kalam by Mulla Jami, Hafiz Shirazi, Maulana Rumi and many more.

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Read and enjoy large and best collection of Bhajan by famous Sufi poets. Bhajan by Kabir, Narsingh Mehta and many more.

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Collection of poetry on Chaadar by famous Sufi Poets, Read Poetry on Chaadar by Bedam Shah Warsi, Haider Shah Warsi and others.

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Qawwali Videos

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Read and enjoy large collection of Poetry on Sehraa by famous poets, Poetry on Sehraa by Amir Minai, Badam Shah Warsi and Riyaz Khairabadi

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Best and famous collection of Salam by famous Sufi Poets. Read and enjoy Salam by Muzaffar Warsi, Aziz Shah Warsi and many more.

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