Sufi Kalam

Sufi Kalam refers to Sufi devotional poetry, which is usually sung in Sufi Samaa' gatherings. It is a way to convey obstruse mystical meanings in simple words. Kalam include genres like Qawwali, Kaafi, Khayal, Taraana, etc. which are very popular among the masses.



Rubaiyat, or quartet, is the plural of rubai, it is an Arabic word which literally means four. Among the forms of poetry, rubai is the name of the genre in which a theme is versified in four lines. Metrically, there are 24 syllables in a Rubai. Also, it is necessary for the rhyming elements to be common in the first, second and fourth hemistiches.

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Qissa Poetries

Stories of Sufi saints that serve as testament to what they preach.

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