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Hindustani Sufi Poets

Hindustani Sufi Poets

1834 -1917 Ghazipur

A distinguished Sufi poet associated with the Khanqah Rashidia, Jaunpur.

1829 -1900 Rampur

A contemporary of Dagh Dehlavi. Famous for his ghazal 'Sarkati Jae Hai Rukh Se Naqab Ahista Ahista'.

1253 -1325 Delhi

Beloved disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya and clelebrated Sufi poet of Persian and Urdu. Also highly skilled in music, famous as Tuti-e-Hind.

1874 -1952 Moradabad

Haji Waris Ali Shah's disciple and famous for his Sufi poetry

1876 -1936 Unnao

Celebrated Naat-poet famous for his Ghazal "Bekhud kiye dete hain andaz-e-hijaabana".

1615 -1659 Delhi

Elder son of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz who greatly fostered Sufism and had friendly ties with Sikh Gurus.

-1986 Karachi

Popular poet of his time in India and Pakistan.

1777 -1848 Phulwari Sharif

Prominent Persian poet of Bihar associated with the Khanqah Mujeebia, Phulwari Sharif.

1893 -1954 Hyderabad

Known for his couplet "Khud ka parda hai to khud Khud ko zara dekh to le".

1890 -1960 Moradabad

One of the most prominent pre-modern poets who enjoyed stunning popularity and fan-following.

1440 -1518 Lahartara

Prominent 15th century Sufi poet and saint, best known for his Dohas, considered the greatest poet of the Bhakti movement.

1905 -1976 Hyderabad

Poet famous for penning the Naat "Aapko Paataa nahin jab aap ko paataa hun"

1721 -1785 Delhi

Noted Sufi poet with a deep sense of Music.

1797 -1869 Delhi

Great Urdu poet occupying a place of pride in world literature. Also one of the most quotable poets having shers for almost all situations of life.

1856 -1927 Gwalior

Famous Indian poet and father of Jan Nisar Akhtar.

1735 -1830 Agra

One of the most prominent classical Urdu poets who wrote extensively on Indian culture & festivals. Famous for his poems on Holi, Diwali and other festivals.

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