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Suggested Sant Poets

Suggested Sant Poets

Gulal Sahib's disciple and successor who has many books, one of which is the voluminous Ram Jahaz.

1548 -1599 Pathan

Famous Marathi saint, scholar and religious poet, noted for his abhanga which is still sung by Marathi speaking people of India

1440 -1518 Lahartara

Prominent 15th century Sufi poet and saint, best known for his Dohas, considered the greatest poet of the Bhakti movement.

1498 -1557 Merta

Most famous poetess known for her love poetry for Lord Krishna.

1553 -1626 Agra

A fine poet of Persian who was equally adept at Sanskrit language, poetry, and astrology.

1450 -1520 Rajasthan

A contemporary of Kabir and student of Sant Ramanand Ji.

1548 -1628 Vrindavan

A Muslim poet who was a follower of Lord Krishna, and wrote poems on Lord Shankar, the Ganges, and the festival of Holi.

1725 Delhi

A disciple of Sant Charan Das Ji. Her collection of works is published as 'Sahaj Prakash'.

A 16th century saint, poet and singer who was blind and known for writing odes of Krishna.

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