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Suggested Sufi Poets

Suggested Sufi Poets

1253 -1325 Delhi

Beloved disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya and clelebrated Sufi poet of Persian and Urdu. Also highly skilled in music, famous as Tuti-e-Hind.

1173 -1266 Kothewal

Twelfth century preacher,among the most distinguished and revered Sufis of the Middle Ages. His shrine is located in Pakpattan, Pakistan.

1680 -1757 Kasur

Famous Punjabi Sufi poet who still feels contemporary.

-1986 Karachi

Popular poet of his time in India and Pakistan.

1145 -1220/21 Nishapur

Among the greatest Persian poets from Neshapur, he was also a noted writer and pharmacist.

1315 -1390 Shiraz

Most celebrated Persian poet well-known for his Faal-Nama.

1142 -1236 Ajmer

Famous Indian Sufi Saint also known as Gharib Nawaz and Sultan-ul-Hind.

1845 -1901 Bahawalpur

Famous Sufi poet of the Chishti-Nizami Order from Pakistan

1320 -1392 Jammu and Kashmir

A unique personality from the valley of Kashmir.

1250 -1320 Shabstar

Among the most celebrated Persian Sufi poets, and scholars of the 14th century.

1797 -1869 Delhi

Great Urdu poet occupying a place of pride in world literature. Also one of the most quotable poets having shers for almost all situations of life.

1856 -1927 Gwalior

Famous Indian poet and father of Jan Nisar Akhtar.

1238 -1325 Delhi

Revered Indian Sufi and the spiritual guide of Amir Khusrau.

1235 -1187 Delhi

Prominent disciple and successor of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.

1207 -1273 Konya

Among the greatest Persian poets, author of Masnavi-e-Manavi, Fihi Ma Fihi and Diwan-e-Shams Tabrizi.

1210 -1291 Shiraz

Prominent Persian poet from Iran, famous for his prose in Gulistan and verse in Bustan.

1590 -1661 Delhi

The famous poet of quatrain who was martyred in the era of Aurangzeb.

1745 -1806 Kakori

Sufi poet and the founder of Khanqah Kazmia, Kakori.

1630 -1691 Shorkot

Popular Sufi poet who wrote in both Persian and Punjabi.

1902 -1978 Karachi

A famous Sufi poet and disciple of Yusuf Shah Taji, the caliph of Baba Tajuddin Naguri.

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